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Welcome to the New York Center of Truth for Better Living

We are a Community that firmly believes in God's word. Come journey with us.

The New York Center of Truth seeks to be a place of spiritual illumination and transformation for all facets of its community. We teach the practical application of the principles taught by Jesus the Christ, and interpreted in the New Thought Christian Movement, with the purpose of empowering people to live the good life now.

What is New Thought?

New Thought is Practical Christianity that empowers people to realize their potential by becoming consciously aware of Spirit within them. New Thought teaches universal spiritual principles that enable people to build happy and prosperous lives. New Thought helps people to change their circumstances by changing their thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


A brief glimpse into life at N.Y.C.T.

Church Activities

Throughout the year, the various committees within the church present activities that interest a wide range of age groups.

Prayer Breakfasts

Our Prayer Breakfasts provide a way to feed your body as well as your soul.


Young Adults Choir

The Young Adults Choir is extremely popular. Currently comprised of two talented young ladies,  the choir brings a fresh perspective to spiritual expression.


Men's Group

The "Men Expressing Christ" men's group is an integral part of New York Center of Truth.  They have sponsored such events as the Annual Family Bus Ride and Picnic, Restoration Center Theater parties, and the ever-popular LOL Comedy Jam. 


577 Albany Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203 (718) 940-8700 Fax: (718) 940-3390

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